June 01, 2021

9 Natural Headache Remedies & Prevention Techniques

Headaches are something most people can relate to. And they’re more than just a nuisance — a sore noggin can put you out of commission for hours. There’s no FOMO like headache FOMO.

Of course, the telltale throbbing or piercing ache between the ears never seems to come at a convenient time. When you’re at work, at school, or simply trying to be a productive human, it can feel like the only option is to take an over-the-counter pain reliever.

While there are many drugs to choose from, there are also oodles of home remedies that may solve the pesky painful problem. And although what causes headaches can appear as mysterious as what brings on a case of the hiccups, there are methods for preventing headaches in the first place.

Whether you feel a headache knocking or want to prevent an invitation, give one or all of these natural solutions a try.

Disclaimer: We’re not doctors, and we don’t pretend to be. What you read here is not a replacement for professional medical advice or medical treatment plans. Always consult your healthcare provider before taking CBD or starting a new diet or exercise program.

#1 Hit The Hydration Station

Hydration is numero uno on our list because dehydration is the number one culprit for tension headaches and migraines. Being just 2% dehydrated can cause you to feel unwell.

That makes getting your eight-a-day an important part of headache prevention. Taking a good, long drink is also an easy thing to do when you feel a headache coming on.

Keep your water bottle within reach, and get in the habit of sipping often. If you find yourself consistently under-hydrating, jazz up your beverages with fruit, juice, or flavored water-soluble CBD.

#2 Follow The 20-20-20 Rule

There seems to be no escaping screens these days. All that blue light and hyper-focus in a small area can do a number on your peepers.

Eye strain can cause headaches and feel like a headache in itself.

When you’re working at a computer or screen for long periods, remember to follow the 20-20-20 rule to prevent eye strain: Every 20 minutes, spend 20 seconds looking at something 20 feet away.

If you tend to get in tunnel-vision mode when you’re focused, set a timer to remind yourself to gaze elsewhere.

#3 Rule Out Food Sensitivities

Food sensitivities can cause reactions ranging from mild to severe. If your body isn’t a fan of nitrites and nitrates, sugar, alcohol, or other foods and chemicals, headaches are one way it could retaliate.

Lab testing for allergies and sensitivities is usually a simple process. But if you want to take action right now, you can start by cutting out the foods known to cause headaches. You can also keep a food and headache journal, taking note of what you eat and when you get headaches to help you spot the correlations.

#4 Find The Caffeine Balance

A warm, toasty cup of coffee could be just what the doctor ordered when you have a headache. Caffeine is so effective at resolving headaches, it’s even included in some headache medicines. Doesn’t a cup of Joe sound nice right about now?

Although caffeine can provide relief, caffeine withdrawal can trigger a headache. Drinking just one small cup of coffee a day can make your body dependent on caffeine, which means you’re prone to withdrawal symptoms.

Some folks find that adding CBD to coffee reduces the negative effects of caffeine. Anti-inflammatory and stress-relieving properties in CBD could help prevent headaches.

If you find yourself counting on caffeine to get through the day, you might want to consider cutting back, cutting it out, or adding CBD to the mix. But keep the good coffee and tea on hand for when the ache in your cranium creeps in.

#5 Support Your Sleep Health

We spend one-third of our lives sleeping — at least, we should. Getting less than the recommended seven to nine hours of sleep a night is associated with a host of health challenges, including headaches.

In addition to potentially causing headaches, research has found that sleep deprivation can reduce pain tolerance. Yep. Lack of sleep can make your pain more painful.

Is it any wonder that you feel better after a good ol’ nap?

Lying down for some shuteye could solve your immediate headache woes. And, supporting your sleep health can prevent them from happening in the first place. If you’re struggling to get enough sleep, consider following this bedtime checklist.

  • Make your sleeping space clean and cozy. Clutter can make it difficult to turn off your mental to-do list.
  • Close the curtains and shut out the lights. When our eyes take in light, it triggers chemical signals that can disrupt your body’s “go to sleep” mode.
  • Reduce or eliminate screens 30 minutes before bed. Experts agree that reducing exposure to blue light is a win for sleep health.
  • Take a CBD product that contains melatonin in the evening. CBD’s been shown to improve sleep. Melatonin is the natural hormone that helps you fall asleep. It’s a match made in dreamland.

#6 Move Your Body

The human body was made to move! Lack of movement equals tight muscles, which can add up to a tension headache.

You don’t have to pump iron for hours or run miles every day to see positive results. One study found that 40 minutes of cycling three times per week reduced the frequency of tension headaches.

So however you like to move, make it a priority.

#7 Pass On Perfumes

Ever feel overwhelmed by perfume or cleaning products? You aren’t alone.

Chemicals in personal care products, cosmetics, and cleaners can cause headaches. People prone to migraines tend to be even more sensitive to the odor of these products.

If you notice headaches after being around strong smells, DIY your cleaning supplies and go for essential oils instead of artificial fragrances. Which brings us to our next tip.

#8 Try Essential Oils

Essential oils contain concentrated amounts of natural plant compounds.

Lavender and peppermint essential oils are especially helpful for reducing headache symptoms.

So, how do you use these magic little drops?

You can apply essential oils to your temples or upper lip for headache relief. Just be sure to dilute your essential oils with a carrier oil first, or purchase a product that’s ready to apply.

Or, merge your essential oil relief with the benefits of CBD by applying CBD cream to your neck and shoulders. Our Nano CBD Muscle & Joint Cream also includes menthol, which research has found to be therapeutic for migraines.

#9 Take CBD Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural compound found in cannabis. By working with the nervous system, CBD can reduce pain and inflammation, which could help resolve and prevent headaches, among other benefits.

Bonus: For these same reasons, it can help with your post-workout recovery, making it easier to stick to your headache prevention exercise plan.

CBD has become a very popular choice for natural pain relief. In a consumer survey, 47% of consumers said they had used CBD to replace an over-the-counter drug such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen.

For headache prevention, taking CBD consistently is key. Keep your go-to CBD product on hand so you can take it daily.

If you need headache relief right away, go for a fast-acting highly bioavailable CBD.

  • Add a water-soluble CBD tincture to your hydrating beverage. As we learned in tip number one, hydrating is a good idea, anyway.
  • Take a CBD softgel or CBD gummies. It’s just as easy and discreet as taking a pain reliever.
  • Apply topical CBD as the sole solution, or use it in combination with other CBD products. It’s a great way to get those aromatherapy wins while you give your neck and shoulders a little TLC in the form of self-massage.

Like any other remedy, give your CBD oil some time to kick in. If it’s not fully getting the job done, you can always combine it with other natural solutions.

Headache Help Comes In Many Forms

Most people deal with headaches at some point in their lives. Having a toolkit for prevention and relief empowers you to take matters into your own hands.

Plant-based solutions, self-care, diet, hydration, and a little awareness can go a long way to keep headache symptoms from interrupting your lifestyle. Better yet, these options are in easy reach for most folks, making it easy to test them out. Depending on your medical treatment plan, they may even be safe to combine with other therapies.


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