November 11, 2021

Is CBD Safe For Pregnant Women?

Pregnancy is certainly a time of joy and life, but it can also be a time of uncomfortable symptoms. From morning sickness to trouble sleeping, the nine months of pregnancy can be tough.

And many pregnant women wonder if CBD is a safe option to ease some of those undesirable symptoms of pregnancy. Here, we lay out the facts and figures as they currently stand.

This is the first in a two-part series on CBD and safety for pregnant and nursing women. Keep on the lookout for part two coming soon: CBD & New Moms: Is CBD Safe When Breastfeeding?

Today, let's plunge into the details of CBD and pregnancy.

What Is CBD Oil?

CBD products, like CBD oil, are made with the cannabinoid called cannabidiol. (Say thatthree times fast....)

It doesn't contain any THC (unless it's a full-spectrum CBD oil, then it might), so it won't produce any sort of high. It comes in lots of different forms like CBD oils, CBD softgels, CBD gummies, CBD candies, CBD vapes, CBD creams, and more.

We’ve covered the CBD basics extensively over on the blog. So, if you need a primer on CBD be sure to check out the articles:

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Can CBD Ease Pregnancy Symptoms?

CBD is a popular product because of its reputation as a powerful pain reliever, nausea suppressant, and stress reducer.(1)

And many pregnant women are looking for relief from these symptoms.

So, it’s possible that CBD could help ease the discomfort associated with pregnancy — but is it safe to do so?

Is It Safe To Use CBD While Pregnant?

When you're pregnant, you're talking about a sensitive and complex system. So it's important to ensure that any product you introduce into your body is safe for both you and the baby.

Because CBD is non-psychoactive, some people assume it is okay to take during pregnancy.

However, for now, medical experts recommend that pregnant women refrain from using CBD products.

Why? There isn't enough research on the effects of CBD on the pregnant mother or the growing fetus. Care providers are erring on the side of caution.

FDA Guidelines On CBD During Pregnancy

As there is not enough safety research on CBD during pregnancy, the FDA strongly advises pregnant women to avoid using CBD or any other cannabis products.(2)

The FDA also encourages you to speak with your medical team before taking any medication, vitamins, or herbs while pregnant.

What The Research Tells Us About CBD During Pregnancy

As of today, there are no comprehensive long-term studies on the effects of CBD during pregnancy. In fact, there is very little research in this area.

One study looked broadly at cannabinoid exposure during pregnancy and the impact on immune function of the developing fetus. The results suggest that fetal exposure to cannabinoids might weaken immune defenses later in life. However, the researchers only discuss cannabinoids in general, and don't specify which ones.(3)

Definitely not enough information yet to determine whether CBD is safe to use while pregnant.

CBD Is Typically Not Recommended For These Groups

While CBD is generally well tolerated by most adults, it's still not advised for everyone.

These groups of people should speak with their healthcare team before taking any OTC CBD products.

  • Pregnant women
  • Nursing women
  • Minors
  • People with existing health conditions
  • People currently taking medications

Moms-to-be fall into a category of folks for whom CBD is not endorsed. And if you fit into more than one of these groups — you really need to be extra cautious. Our best advice is to talk to your medical team for the most accurate and latest safety information and whether or not CBD is appropriate for you in particular.

A Note On Product Labels

Specific warnings may be included on CBD product labels to ensure your safety. For instance, Pure Craft’s Nano CBD Broad Spectrum Oil includes a warning that anyone pregnant or nursing should consult with her healthcare provider before using.

But not all CBD products will have warnings — so be wary and research any product before purchasing.

CBD & Pregnancy May Not Be The Best Mix

While it’s true that CBD is known to help ease some of the unpleasant symptoms associated with pregnancy — pregnant women are advised not to use CBD.

CBD is generally safe for most adults. But there isn't sufficient research on its use during pregnancy to say it’s safe for pregnant women or the developing fetus. As of now, the FDA advises women who are pregnant to avoid consuming CBD.

So for individuals who are currently or wish to become pregnant: Absolutely consult with your medical team before using any CBD products.


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