June 21, 2021

CBD Oil For Erectile Dysfunction

About 30 million men in the US experience erectile dysfunction (ED). If you’re one of those 30 million, it’s exasperating when your body just isn’t responding like it used to.

So you’ve perused the interwebz for help and stumbled upon lists of CBD oils claiming to improve your sex life. But do they work? How can you tell fact from fiction?

At Pure Craft, we believe in sharing solid info. So, if you’re ready to bone up on CBD for ED info, here’s what we know so far — according to science.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is defined as having trouble getting or keeping an erection for sex. A lot of men experience problems with erections every now and then — and that’s not necessarily cause for alarm.

But, if it’s happening consistently — it could be erectile dysfunction. Though, only your doctor can let you know for sure.

Why does erectile dysfunction happen, and can CBD help? To understand how CBD might help, let’s first go over the potential causes for ED.

What Causes Erectile Dysfunction

The frustrating thing about erectile dysfunction is that it can be caused by purely psychological reasons (e.g., anxiety) or physiological reasons (e.g, nerve damage), or both!

Potential Physical Causes of ED

  • Older age
  • Obesity
  • Heart disease and high blood pressure
  • Substance use
  • Sleep issues
  • Low testosterone

Many health issues — like high blood pressure and high blood sugar — reduce blood flow to the penis, making it difficult to get and maintain an erection. So it’s no surprise that getting regular exercise and eating a balanced diet can help reduce your chances of developing erectile dysfunction.

Possible Psychological Causes of ED

  • Mental health issues like anxiety and depression
  • Relationship issues
  • Stress

It can be confusing since the root cause of your erectile dysfunction might be an emotional stressor, or it might be an issue with blood flow to the penis. It could also be a sign of a serious chronic illness like heart disease or diabetes. Bottom line — if you're concerned, talk to your doctor.

Now, can CBD oil help with any of this? Here’s what we know today.

Does CBD Oil Help Erectile Dysfunction?

So far, there’s not enough evidence to claim that CBD oil is therapeutically effective for erectile dysfunction. With no FDA approved medication, we can’t say CBD oil will cure or treat ED.

But, what we do know is that CBD oil does offer many potential benefits for health and wellness. CBD might help manage some of the physical and mental or emotional causes of erectile dysfunction.

CBD & Physical Causes of ED

The research on CBD shows a whole lot of promise for numerous health concerns, many of which are risk factors for erectile dysfunction. Here are several physical causes of ED that may be alleviated with CBD.

So, CBD might help reduce the severity of these issues. In turn, that may alleviate some of the symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Erectile Dysfunction & Anxiety

Frequently, erectile dysfunction is caused by performance anxiety.

Anxiety is a big libido killer. When you’re in your head, it can be impossible to be present and enjoy the moment.

This can cause a vicious cycle of anxiety leading to lackluster performance, and lackluster performance leading to more anxiety. Talk about a nightmare.

And it’s not always performance anxiety that can snuff your libido. Any form of anxiety, life stress, or emotional distress can play a huge role in causing you erectile dysfunction.

You might already know that after a stressful day of work, you don’t really feel “in the mood” for anything except for some TV and sleep. In general, the more stress and anxiety in your life, the more at-risk you are to experience some sexual dysfunction.

CBD & Anxiety

But not all hope is lost. Because of the awesome scientists out there studying up on this little compound, we’ve learned that CBD may significantly reduce anxiety. Hurray!

Studies have looked to CBD as a potential treatment for:

  • Generalized anxiety disorder
  • Social anxiety disorder
  • Panic disorder
  • Post-traumatic stress disorder
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder

While there’s no research on CBD that specifically targets sexual performance anxiety, tons of studies have found that CBD helps reduce overall anxiety.

This means CBD might help you relax, de-stress, and maybe feel less inhibited when it comes sex. When you feel more at ease, you’re less likely to have sexual performance issues.


You may have also heard about CBD’s pal THC. THC is another cannabinoid found in the cannabis plant. Research has found that CBD consistently helps to decrease anxiety, while THC at high doses has the potential to increase anxiety.

But you can avoid any of the potential unwanted effects of THC by opting for a broad-spectrum CBD oil over full-spectrum. With broad-spectrum hemp-derived CBD, you get all the benefits of hemp’s complex blend of cannabinoids, terpenes, and flavonoids — without THC.

How To Buy CBD Oil for Erectile Dysfunction

Let’s face it, there are lots of products flooding the market each day. It’s hard to know which to choose!

Here are some markers of quality:

Opting for a high-quality CBD oil means it’s more likely to be safer, more effective, and a better value.

How To Use CBD Oil for Erectile Dysfunction

While there are no standard dosages or bottle sizes for CBD oil, your product should have a few pieces of information on the label. That label should have everything you need to know from what’s in your CBD oil to how much to take.

You’ll see things like:

  • Serving size
  • Servings per bottle
  • CBD per serving
  • Ingredient list
  • Suggested use
  • How to store

CBD oils take about 30 minutes to take effect. When using CBD oil for erectile dysfunction, try taking it 30-45 minutes before sex. Simply follow the directions to fill the dropper and place the oil under your tongue and hold for 30 seconds. Holding the oil under your tongue allows it to be absorbed directly into your bloodstream for faster absorption.

CBD gummies and CBD softgels are also popular ways of taking CBD. They just take a little bit longer — up to 2 hours — for you to feel the effects. That’s because they go through your digestive system before ending up in the bloodstream. So, if you want a more gradual release of CBD — gummies or softgels are the way to go.

There is little research on the impact of consistent, long-term use of CBD and sexual function in men. What little there is suggests that CBD may improve certain underlying factors — like blood flow to the penis — while it could have a negative effect on other factors — like testosterone levels. This is a tough nut to crack — best bet is to figure out the source of your ED and discuss with your doctor if CBD is a good thing to add to your treatment plan.     

The Hard Truth About CBD Oil & Erectile Dysfunction

While ED is a common struggle for many, it can still be frustrating.

The good news is, CBD oil might help with your sexual function. While we don’t know enough about how CBD directly impacts erectile dysfunction, we know it could address some of the physical and mental factors that contribute to ED, such as:

  • Fighting against obesity and heart disease
  • Helping you catch some more Zzzzz
  • Helping combat substance addiction problems
  • Boosting your mood and calming your nerves

Attending to these factors could translate into being more at ease and having more fun in the boudoir.

So, if you find yourself feeling stressed out in the bedroom, you might consider giving CBD oil a try. Remember to take it 30-45 minutes ahead of time, and enjoy the ride.


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