October 08, 2021

Chew On This: The Ultimate Guide To D8 Gummies

Delta-8 gummies are one of the newer innovations in the cannabis world. These convenient dosed candies are a fun and delicious way to enjoy the benefits of delta-8-THC.

Itching to know all about D8 gummies? We've got the definitive guide for you.

Read on to learn all about:

  • What D8 gummies are used for
  • Benefits of delta-8-THC gummies
  • Where to buy D8 gummies
  • How to get the most out of your delta-8 gummies
  • And more!

Pro tip: This guide focuses on delta-8 gummies specifically. If you want to swim in the deep end of the D8 pool of general knowledge, dive into theDelta-8 section of our blog.

What Are D8 Gummies?

Delta-8 gummies are candies that contain a specific dose of delta-8-THC. They're a convenient and tasty way to take delta-8-THC on the reg or whenever the feeling strikes. They're also a great alternative for those who don't want the intensity of THC, but still desire the benefits.

That's because D8 can get you high, but users describe the feeling as more relaxed, clear-headed, and free of anxiety. Since D8 gummies are an edible form of delta-8, they slowly release the cannabinoid into your body when eaten. Delta-8 gummies can take 40 minutes to an hour to kick in, and the effects can last for several hours.

What Are D8 Gummies Used For?

There are countless motivations for personal and recreational use of delta-8 gummies.  D8 gummies are great for people who want to enjoy a light buzz, while staying functional. (← Sound like you ever?)

D8 gummies have been used for:

  • Relaxation
  • Experiencing a drowsiness-free euphoria
  • When you want something stronger than CBD but not as brain-foggy as THC
  • Enhancing creativity
  • Pain relief

There's such a wide range of uses for D8 gummies because everyone is unique. Each person has his or her own needs and experiences the effects of cannabinoids — including delta-8-THC — a little differently. What we do know is that delta-8 has a lot of the same benefits that other cannabinoids (like CBD and THC) have to offer.

Potential Benefits Of Delta-8-THC

Delta-8-THC gummies may provide many benefits for your overall well-being. Hemp-based products like D8 have the potential to:

  • Help you relax and alleviate stress
  • Support your sleep health
  • Reduce pain
  • Alleviate feelings of nausea
  • Enhance creativity and focus

But Why Delta-8 Gummies?

There are many reasons why people prefer to ingest their cannabinoids, rather than smoking/vaping them or using topical applications.

Here are some reasons people prefer D8, gummies, and delta-8 gummies to other hemp-based cannabinoid products:

  • You know how much delta-8-THC you’re taking with D8 gummies.
  • Your body absorbs the cannabinoid slowly, for a prolonged delta-8 experience.
  • It's much less potent than THC, giving you a milder, more-manageable high.
  • Gummies are hella convenient, especially if you're a busy person.
  • Gummies aren’t messy like creams (or spilled tincture bottles — oh the horror!) can be.
  • It's federally legal and pretty easy to get!

Also noteworthy is the fun factor. Hello, it’s colorful candy! People — at least according to Pure Craft reviews — love the yummy fruity flavors. That’s a totally valid reason to go all in on the delta-8-THC gummies.

”Amazing Gummies. These gummies taste soooo good! Great texture with no weird after taste. The effect is awesome! It hits me in about 45 minutes and is similar to regular THC gummies, but they don't make me paranoid or give me munchies.” — Jade

Are Delta-8 Gummies Safe?

When used responsibly, delta-8 gummies are generally regarded as safe for most adults. Keep in mind that they can get you high, which may be a new experience if you’ve never tried D8 before.

You should follow the dosing guidelines on the product label, but it’s OK to take less than a suggested whole serving if you’re a D8 gummy newb. So, start out with a small dose as you'll likely feel more heightened effects the larger your dose is. After all, you probably don't want to take too much and feel overwhelmed — especially if it's your first time using D8 gummies.

Also, you should not drive or operate heavy machinery if you’re under the influence of delta-8-THC. People with existing medical conditions, are pregnant or nursing, or who take medications or supplements should consult with a doctor before using delta-8.

How To Get The Most Out Of Your D8 Gummies

We know you're ready to bite into some D8 gummies. But first we have a few tips so you can get the most out of your delta-8 gummies.

Follow these recommendations to elev8 your d8 with D8 (so it’ll be gr8):

Bioavailability Matters With D8 Gummies

Bioavailability just means how well your body can absorb the delta-8-THC.

Not all D8 gummies are of equal caliber. So how do you choose delta-8 gummies crafted for max absorption? Look for the markers of bioavailability — nano-optimized D8 gummies.

Premium products use nano-optimization to make sure your D8 molecules break down into teeny tiny particles so your body can absorb the D8 goodness better.

The quality of the other ingredients in your gummies might impact bioavailability, too. Natural ingredients — like plant-based colorants — are cleaner and easier for your body to process. This means your system can spend more of its energy on sucking the most benefit out of the delta-8.

The Purest Hemp

It's hard to believe that these delicious gummy treats start out as a plant, but it's true! And you can’t have pure D8 gummies without pure hemp. Pure hemp is grown organically — say No! to toxins and chemicals (e.g., pesticides or fertilizers) getting into your D8 gummies.

Along with organic hemp, look for hemp farmed in the USA. Domestic hemp plants are carefully grown, constantly monitored, and rigorously regulated. This makes for a superior product for you.

What good is pure hemp if it’s contaminated in the processing phase? Not much. CO2 extraction is the cleanest technique for producing the CBD that delta-8-THC is made from. This extraction process doesn’t use solvents and won’t leave any nasty residues behind, commingling with the CBD.

When your D8 comes from CBD that was derived from organic American hemp and extracted using the CO2 method, you can know that you aren't ingesting hidden chemicals or heavy metals from the cultivation or extraction processes.

Store Your Gummies Well

To help your D8 gummies stay in tip-top shape, store them away from light, heat, and humidity, which can degrade the quality and potency of delta-8. Good places to stow your D8 gummies are the pantry or a medicine cabinet. Make sure you tightly close the container.

Keep your cannabis products away from kids and pets. And, make sure they’re always properly labeled so you know there’s D8 inside.

Where To Find Delta-8 Gummies Near Me

Delta-8 gummies are zooming up the ranks as a popular THC alternative. It's easy to find a lot of delta-8 gummies near you. When venturing out to buy D8 gummies, it's important to keep a few things in mind.

D8 products are found in dispensaries (if your state allows) and online stores specializing in hemp-derived cannabis products.

Be sure to make smart choices when purchasing. When shopping for delta-8 gummies, always buy from a retailer you can trust. Go with a brand that takes safety and quality seriously — this should be a non-negotiable for you.

High-quality D8 gummies come:

  • From a reputable retailer
  • From organic and USA-grown hemp
  • With a COA (proof of third-party lab testing)
  • With clearly labeled ingredients and instructions for use

The Delta-8 Gummy Guide You Can Really Sink Your Teeth Into

It’s easy to see why D8 gummies are the l8est and gr8est in canna-candies. If you've only tried CBD or THC before, delta-8 could offer a new or nuanced experience.

Delta-8-THC gummies can help you ease into a chill high, slowly working their magic on your mind and body. They may be a great way to help you relax and alleviate stress, enhance creativity and focus, and realize many other potential wellness benefits.

If you want the most out of D8 gummies be sure to get the best delta-8 products available from trusted retailers who care about safety and quality. Use your gummies wisely (start small) and store them properly.


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