April 08, 2021

Immune System Boosting Benefits of Elderberry (& CBD!)

Three berries walk into a bar. (Would this make them Barberries?) The younger two start feeling blah (and maybe a little blue, too). The third? Feelin’ fine. Why? Because he’s the elderberry!

OK, so that’s — admittedly! — a pretty bad yuk-yuk joke. Maybe even worth a raspberry….

But, it provides a good intro to the elderberry’s ability to support the immune system. We’ll examine this mighty dude’s healthful properties and how they work to help you sustain your wellbeing.

Now, we have to say that it’s always the right time to learn new and more ways to facilitate your self-care. Recently, though, we launched a new product — Nano CBD + Elderberry Infused Vegan Broad Spectrum Gummies. So, we just wanted to take this moment to make sure you know how and why it’s so special. (Spoiler alert: It’s the elderberries and CBD oil.)

Let’s get to it!


An Intro To The Immune System

How about a mini-primer on the immune system first? What it is, what it does, that sort of thing.

  1. What is the immune system? Your immune system’s a network of organs, cells, and proteins that have joined forces to help you stay healthy.
  2. What does the immune system do? Your immune system is charged with fighting germs (e.g., viruses, bacteria, etc.), combatting harmful changes to your body (e.g., cancer cells) identifying, and neutralizing environmental toxins. Its purpose is to prevent and heal your body of illnesses, infections, and diseases.
  3. How does the immune system work? The immune systems detects substances that it interprets as detrimental or foreign to your body (aka antigens). When one of these bad guys shows up on your immune system’s radar, it attacks. The immune system has a long-term memory that’d make an elephant jealous. This is so your immune system can remember would-be-repeat-offender antigens and kick their butts if they try to invade again.
  4. What happens when the immune system doesn’t work so well? You get sick. Chronic or extended bouts of ineffective, weak, or compromised immune system could be a result or symptom of an immune disorder or allergies.
  5. What can weaken the immune system? Lots of things: allergies, infections, medications, a ton of different health conditions….
  6. What can strengthen the immune system? We’ll close this out on a hopeful/encouraging/empowering note. You can do so much to help foster a strong immune system. Here are some things to consider: Avoid tobacco use, maintain a healthy weight, eat nutritious foods, get plenty of sleep, move your body, practice good personal hygiene, chill the heck out, and get all your shots (on time).

An Intro To The Elderberry

Elderberries come from the Sambucus, or elder, tree. There are different varieties. But we’re going to cover the black elderberry (aka European elderberry), scientifically known as Sambucus nigra L. This is the type of elderberry commonly used in culinary and medicinal contexts.


Small in size, large on flavor and nutritional goodness! Elderberries really cram a lot of nutrients into those wee purply skins. One cup (145 gm) of raw elderberries contains about:

  • 106 calories
  • 1 gm protein (on par with other fruits)
  • .75 gm fat (negligible)
  • 27 gm carbs (9% of recommended daily allowance)
  • 10 gm fiber (ß That’s a lot! 40% of recommended daily intake.)
  • 0 gm sugars
  • 116 gm water
  • Decent amounts of beta carotene, calcium, and Vitamin C

In terms of immune support, the most beneficial elements in elderberries are the antioxidants and vitamins. These do all sorts of one-two punches inside your bod — like activate your immune response, ease inflammation, cut stress, and more.

Uses As A Natural Remedy

Elderberries have been used in folk remedies around the globe. Seriously — Native Americans, Greeks, Egyptians, across Europe. Our ancestors concocted treatments for everything from wound care and edema to skin beautification to infections and mucus buildup in the nasal passages. Dang!

Everything old is new again, as they say. Nowadays, there’s a resurgence of interest in herbal therapies, for countless reasons.

Most of the attention seems to be concentrated on using elderberry for preventing and minimizing colds and flus. Given elderberries historical and fact-backed track record of mitigating and shortening these ailments and their symptoms, this isn’t surprising.

The research is mixed on how effective elderberry is for easing colds and flus. Some studies showed illness duration shrank two to four days, while others found no difference. Some trial didn’t see shortened bouts of sickness, but did report less severe symptoms in participants. With all this in mind, research continues and is promising.

Elderberry Preparations

Raw elderberry tree components (berries, flowers, bark, etc.) can be poisonous if consumed raw. So, you’ll find that healers, herbal enthusiasts, and commercial natural remedies producers have gotten creative with cooking/processing elderberries into nontoxic products.

You’ll find an assortment of medicinal elderberry forms. They’re mostly different incarnations of or applications for elderberry extract.

  • Syrups
  • Gummies
  • Capsules
  • Juices and shots
  • Lozenges

CBD & Elderberry — A Dynamic Duo For Immune Support

You probably already know about CBD’s multitude of benefits. But let’s take a sec to:

  • Recap CBD’s relationship to the immune system specifically.
  • Connect the dots between CBD and elderberries and the immune system.
  • Properly introduce our immune boosting newcomer: Nano CBD + Elderberry Infused Vegan Broad Spectrum Gummies.

Gotta tie it up neatly so there aren’t any loose ends!

CBD & The Immune System

When CBD enters your body, it interacts with your endocannabinoid system (ECS). Everyone has an ECS and it’s inside you from head to toe and fingertips to fingertips. The ECS is responsible for utilizing CBD to influence or act upon your bodily functions, tissues, and so on.

One of the systems CBD is known for impacting is the immune system. Scientific studies have shown that CBD might yield positive effects on the day-to-day function of your immune system. Other research suggests that CBD can also benefit long-term immune-related conditions like some kinds of pain, lupus, and HIV.

So, it’s not a stretch to see how elderberries and CBD together can give your immune system a whole lot of TLC. Plus, we spiked these CBD gummies with Vitamin C and Zinc for even more immune boost.

Nano CBD + Elderberry Infused Vegan Broad Spectrum Gummies

As we mentioned, this is a new addition to our portfolio of CBD products. But people are loving it! Even better, they’re noticing an immune kick from the elderberry.

We don’t mean to brag, but early reviews are all five-stars and glowing praise. Happy — and hopefully healthier — customers are pleased with the results, the delicious flavor, and the option to stock up with a handy three-pack or subscription. Plus, what’s not to like about gummies?!

Here are some of our favorite reviews from actual consumers that you can chew on. Oh, if you could see us blushing — the color of a bruised strawberry…. We’re incredibly thrilled that Pure Craft users are having such a wonderful experience with our elderberry-flavors CBD gummies!

True quality. This has been working a treat, and giving us some added immunity - flavor is easy to chew. — Audrey


Great! My wife and I have both been using, love the immunity benefit too. — Garrett


Thanks Pure Craft! My wife and I have been using these for the past 5 days and we have both noticed a LOT of difference. These are so good. — Malcolm


Elderberry! Great flavor, love the built in immunity of elderberry and zinc. Buying again! — Rhian


Really works. I was skeptical, and am now sold and a fan, love the flavor and the added zinc and immunity boost. — Sydney


Elderberries are an age-old staple in nature’s medicine cabinet. These berries are extremely nutritious and may support your immune system.

When you couple elderberry with CBD — which brings its own wellness benefits to the table — and stir in some vit C and zinc, you just might have the immune booster you’ve been searching for.

Interest piqued? Try Pure Craft’s new CBD + Elderberry Gummies!


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