November 08, 2021

Why’s There MCT Oil In My CBD Oil?

You may or may not put the lime in the coconut, but you can definitely put the coconut in the CBD. That’s right — your CBD oil could have MCT oil from coconuts mixed in!

This might prompt the question: Uh, why? And that’s a good thing to ask as it’s always smart for consumers to know what’s in the products they’re using.

With no further delay, let’s crack this nut wide open.

What Is MCT Oil?

First, why don’t we pick apart the acronyms and terms. MCT oil is:

  • MCT stands for medium-chain triglycerides.
  • Triglycerides (aka lipids) are a type of fat that’s found in your blood.
  • Medium-chain refers to the size of the fat molecules.
  • Oil is the form that this substance is in.

Bringing it all back together now — MCT oil or medium-chain triglycerides oil. MCT oil is a plant-derived oil that’s used a lot in food, supplements, and personal care products. It’s a popular choice due to its many desirable qualities.

Where Do MCTs Come From?

Coconuts are the most common source for MCT oils. But, with 34% of MCT coming from palm kernels, palm kernels have got some serious hooks in market share, too.(1)

It’s important to clarify here that coconut oil is not the same thing as MCT oil made from coconuts. Coconut oil contains a variety of fats, including MCTs. On the other hand, coconut MCT oil only contains MCTs — so it’s a very concentrated source of MCTs.

We’ll focus on MCT oil from coconuts as it’s the dominant kind and is what’s in our CBD products.

Why Are MCT Oils Awesome & Ubiquitous?

There are likely many reasons for this. But we’re sticking to the ones associated with the chemistry of MCT oils.

MCT oils rock because of the size of their molecules. Medium-chain molecules are smaller than those of long-chain (LCT) molecules. Solid science there.

Most other fats you eat or drink are composed primarily of LCTs. But the thing is, MCTS — due to their diminutive size — are easier for your body to process than LCTs. This means your body doesn’t have to work as hard to absorb MCTs. When your body isn’t as taxed with breaking down and utilizing the fat molecules, it’s able to put the MCTs to work sooner and with greater efficiency.

MCT Oil Benefits

Current or existing research highlights several potential benefits of MCT. The jury is out on how effective MCT oil really is for these things, but MCT oil may:(2, 3, 4)

  • Give you no-carb energy
  • Help manage diabetes
  • Facilitate exercise performance and recovery
  • Cut your chances of getting heart disease
  • Help treat neurological and metabolic disorders
  • Help with weight loss and appetite control
  • Fight inflammation
  • Facilitate intake of fats and nutrients

MCT As Carrier Oils

It’s that last one that of particular interest for us here. MCT oil is an excellent carrier oil.

What are carrier oils? Carrier oils are plant-based oils used as helpers in other products. (You’ll find carrier oils in all sorts of health and beauty products.) They help other vitamins, minerals, and nutrients enter your body so they can be used.

Check out What Are CBD Carrier Oils & Why Do They Matter? if you want a full primer on carrier oils.

MCT Oil In CBD Products

In the case of CBD, the MCT carrier oil is doing two things. It’s helping deliver the CBD to tissues throughout your body. And it’s making it so that the CBD is more bioavailable to those tissues.

  • This has a lot to do with the small size of the MCT molecules. The CBD molecules catch a ride with MCT molecule and cruise right into your systems. Already tiny and accessible, your body doesn’t have to wait for enzymes or digestive acids to break the CBD or MCT down into usable-size particles.
  • Additionally, CBD is fat-soluble. When it’s in a formulation that contains fat, the CBD can dissolve more quickly. So, when it’s consumed, it’s more absorbable more quickly and more completely by your body.

MCT oils are also common in CBD products — especially ingestibles like CBD tinctures, CBD water-solubles, CBD softgels, and CBD oil for pets — because they’re

  • Considered to be safe and well-tolerated
  • Rather odorless and tasteless so they don’t overpower or compete with CBD product flavorings
  • Relatively inexpensive, readily available, shelf-stable, and eco-friendly compared to other CBD-compatible carrier oils

MCT coconut oil has a lot going for it when it comes to CBD! So be sure to read those product labels and see if your CBD has the power of MCT oil optimizing it. (It’ll be listed as something like Medium-Chain Triglycerides, MCT Oil, MCT Coconut Oil, or MCT Oil from Coconuts on the ingredients list.)

MCT Oil For Better CBD Absorption

MCT oil is an oil that’s most commonly made from coconuts. Research suggests that MCT oils may have several health benefits.

Because of its many favorable qualities, MCT oil makes a wonderful carrier oil for CBD. It has small molecules that make it highly absorbable by your body. When paired with CBD, it amplifies the CBD’s bioavailability.

Most Pure Craft CBD products leverage the advantages of MCT coconut oil, which helps you achieve max results with every dose.



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